1966-1969 Imperial College, London Reseach Assistant Developed software for computer-aided design and computer graphics, including programs to evaluate the illumination of buildings by daylight, and to display pictures with hidden-line removal.
1970-1972 British Airways Senior Programmer Implemented real-time scheduling software for a Flight Information system (FICO).
1973-1984 Computer Sciences of Australia Senior Member of Consulting Staff Worked on the AMP Society's AMPNET I and AMPNET II systems, which allowed AMP branches to access the corporate insurance database. Implemented enhancements to the RACF security system on MVS mainframes.
1985-1987 Cincom Systems of Australia Lead Software Engineer Designed and implemented the interface between the Vax MANTIS 4GL system and the ULTRA database management system. Helped develop a new version of the ULTRA DBMS written in C.
1988-1989 Free lance Software Developer On the Macintosh, developed prize-winning data compression software, and an application to produce decorative borders with various types of symmetry.
1990 Integrated Arts Analyst/Programmer Developed software for the Artisan DVE, a product whch produced Digital Video Effects by digital processing of video signals.
1991-2007 First Data Lead Software Engineer Worked on First Data's EFT system, which acquires financial transactions from a national network of ATMs and EFTPOS terminals, and switches them to card issuing institutions. The switch system performs numerous checks on each transaction, including verification of the cardholder's PIN. On the legacy Mercury switch system, he was responsible for improving the efficiency of overnight batch reporting runs, and upgrading the firmware of a cryptographic processing unit. On the new GalaxyEFT switch system, he was responsible for system security, and represented First Data on industry groups such as the APCA Technical Security Working Group, and the Standards Australia IT/5/4 sub-committee.


B.Sc in Architecture, University College, London, 1965.


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